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Nice to Meet You

Welcome to the web site of Canadian journalist Joel Ruimy. I've gone freelance and, in the process, fulfilled a lifelong dream to have my own regular column. On these pages, you'll find my occasional thoughts on a variety of national and other issues.

Joel interviews Rene Levesque in 1979
Interviewing René Lévesque in 1979

One of those issues I believe to be enormously important is the debate over Quebec's place in Canada. The discussion has endured since before Canada became a country in 1867. I've covered it since the early 1970s and it threatens to be around long enough to preoccupy subsequent generations.

But I will also write about books, movies (never film), classic rock and anything else I want to go on about. You'll find a list of previous offerings in the "Archives" link up at the top left there.

Sadly, this isn't just about me. You can have your say by clicking over to the Forum and sharing your thoughts on what I've written -- or on what concerns you. The Forum is moderated to ensure compliance with libel laws and the legal requirements of my web host.

This site also serves to showcase my offerings as a freelance writer, editor, media coach and web designer. You can check all this out at the Services link up top.

Please feel free to drop in regularly and to let me hear from you.

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